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With Gixcore desktop builder, you can choose the right parts for your PC, compare them with other custom PCs, and check if it works for your needs in less than a minute.

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Top-performing desktops at the best price.

Need a high-performing PC builder to build a custom gaming PC? Get the best ideas with built-in features like compatibility check, comparison, performance visualization and enjoy a faster experience building custom PCs.

Visualize Performance.

Try your custom gaming PC to know how it works before it gets to you. Visualize the performance and rate its efficiency and gaming abilities according to your needs.


Compare parts' performance and specifications. Control speed and responsiveness of your custom PC to other PCs. Switch between multiple PC builds to find your right match.

Build with confidense

With our app, check the compatibility of PC parts and evaluate power consumption of the parts to ensure a seamless fit with the motherboard. Build a custom PC with a wide range of PC components updated regularly to ensure that you always have access to the best options with our PC builder.

Get creative

Why build just one custom PC? You can get creative and build multiple custom gaming PCs with different parts until you find the right combo. You can also get inspired through different submissions of custom PCs and built-in parts by other gamers.

Choose from trusted brands.

With our diverse selection of PC parts and seamless compatibility, you can choose quality performance from popular brands and explore a world of endless possibilities with a desktop builder that gets you immersed in the virtual world.

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